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  • TEL: 0086-10-60219113
    FAX: 0086-10-60219213
    Email:For sales: Lily@konted.cn
    For service and other Cooperation:
    Facebook/twitter: Beijing Konted
    Whatsapp/viber: 86-13910863491
We are waiting for you to be a part of us
There's a spot for you here at Konted. We offer job opportunities to everyone, including students, executives, hourly workers, and doctors. Explore the possibilities below.

International sales:

Job Number:2014101023
Business:     Konted Healthcare
About Us:      At Konted,we strive to see life more clearly,we invites you to join us to realize our dreams. To work for a healthier world.
                      we'd like to see and take part in promote the quality and technology in China healthcare products.We trust we have more practical and good clinical effect medical products for our patients with innovative ideas.

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