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Service Policy
Service Policy

KONTED considers the purchase of our medical devices as the beginning of our relationship with you. We want a lifelong relationship of service with our clients. We take pride in upholding the expectations of the buyer-seller relationships. Therefore, we are committed to delivering and maintaining the product quality and reliability expected within the medical field. To the extent, annual maintenance is required of any machine, and occasional issues do arise, we offer to you the following services:

We offer you, our customer:
  • Performance assurance through preventative regular maintenance
  • Software upgrades for new features and diagnostics through Internet-based services
  • Up-to-date training materials for the operation and maintenance of equipments
  • Prompt responses to urgent questions by email, phone, or fax
  • Reasonable annual maintenance charges for services after warranty period is over
  • Updates or upgrades, wherever feasible, to equipment with the latest design improvements